Our Core Team

Relationship Manager
Valli Murali
Mobile  080-3454-2366
(or Mail Me)
Living in Japan for around 10+ years. She is our Partner & Relationship Manager who will help us in Marketing & Brand building. This role is significant because our's is a Unique restaurant run for a social cause & service to GOD!!!
Manoj K Dewan
Mobile  080-3312-6677
He is a enthusiastic/aggressive guy & has more than 9 years of rich experience in Tokyo and is one of the best in the business. Manoj is multi-faceted & jack of all trades, we are sure this opportunity will help him do multiple roles including service to society/GOD.
He will be responsible for the overall management of Govinda's including indoor/outdoor Caterings & Birthday Parties...
Also he is responsible to set up different branches in the next 3 to 6 months in Tokyo & India...
Radhika Hari
Mobile  080-1082-3507
Living in Japan for the past 13 + years. Cooking is her passion. This is her long time dream. That's why inspite of being the Owner, she herself want to cook & serve you the most delicious and different varieties of Authentic South Indian food.
Radhika Hari is the first house wife turned professional cook in Tokyo...

We also have experienced North Indian cooks & support staff who are also interested in doing service to the Temple.